Pushed into the ocean…

Hello World! Whats going on? How’s life?  I’m Charity and I have a lot going on in my life right now, and it’s all pertaining to my newest adventure, Interactive Media, formerly known as iMedia.

I am currently studying iMedia at Elon University with hopes of receiving my master’s degree. When I first applied to this program, I didn’t really know what iMedia was. People would ask me all the time “Whats interactive media” and I would struggle to give an answer. The most common response was “It’s basically when users are able to control what content and information they receive and view on the internet.”  And, as usual, people would look at me with a blank stare as though they were confused. In fact, they probably were because I was too.

I’m here at Elon now, and I’ve been here since the 1st  of August.  I can definitely say that the term is now much clearer to me, and the concept of iMedia is larger than I knew it was.  iMedia can be described in many words, but for now I’ll describe it in simple terms: Interactive media  actively engages it’s audience by allowing it’s users to participate in how they receive information or the message.   You guys have seen it everywhere and are probably already familiar with this concept. I will explore and explain more as my journey continues.

Now I must admit, this is my first time ever writing and maintaining a blog, and it scares me.  I am plagued with thoughts such as “Am I a good-enough writer?” “Will I have anything interesting to say?” “What can I contribute to the world through my blogs?” I still have those thoughts but I figured I have to start somewhere, and frankly, the iMedia program is forcing me to start. In fact, I probably would have never thought of writing a blog if it wasn’t for the iMedia program.  We have to write blogs for just about ever class. So…I have pretty much been pushed into the ocean without knowing how to swim.

So, I need your help.  If there is anyone out there in the blogger world, I would love your feedback on blogging succesfully and tips for improving. Feel free to be brutally honest because I have to learn how to swim before I drown.


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