Flash Tip!

I’ve been working with Adobe Flash for about a month now, and along the way I have found several helpful links and tips to survive the madness. I came across a simple tutorial that illustrates how to make URL buttons in ActionScript3. The steps are posted below:

  1. Create a button in the library.
  2. Drag it onto stage 2 times and position them.
  3. Give the instance names button_01 and button_02.
  4. Add Event Listeners as shown in the code below:

button_01.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, goto_hongkiat );

button_02.addEventListener( MouseEvent.CLICK, goto_koflash );

function goto_hongkiat(e:MouseEvent):void{

navigateToURL( new URLRequest( “http://www.hongkiat.com” ), “_blank” );


function goto_koflash(e:MouseEvent):void{

navigateToURL( new URLRequest( “http://www.koflash.com” ), “_blank” );


After these steps are completed, you have successfully linked a button to a URL page!  You can find other great tips like these here.


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