Police and Governance-Analysis Questions

This week in my graduate course Theory and  Audience Analysis, we are discussing policy and governance. The Following questions are those I hope to answer in the days to follow.

Is the academic study of journalism still necessary? Is there a possibility that these careers and studies will be dead within the next 5 to 10 years?

As citizen journalism becomes more and more popular, how should traditional forms of news media (i.e. news broadcast and newspapers) respond? What can be done to retain their audiences?

Is it possible for trained professional journalist to work cohesively with nonprofessional journalist? What makes a journalist professional?

How can the word journalism be defined? Is the term citizen journalism accurate? Should it just be called user-generated content?

This notion of a chain of production which does not end with the news
outlet has already been extensively theorized within media studies through
the active audience paradigm which emphasizes the role of audiences
themselves as producers of meaning as they read, process and discuss media
texts in diverse ways, often reframing them in the process (Moores, 1993).


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