Audio is Half the Story

Good audio isn’t everything, but it is a significant part of a great video.  In fact visual is only half of the experience, and sound is the other.  Therefore it is safe to say good video without successful audio only provides you with half of the story. Some of the best videos join several audio techniques such as natural sounds, sound effects, music, and voice-overs to convey their message. The following videos are ones that show the use of these techniques to produce a successful campaign.  To get the full effect try closing your eyes and imagining the scene based on the sound cues.

NSFW. A hunter shoots a bear
This fun but comical piece uses some great sound effects.  At the beginning of the video you’ll hear sounds of nature such as birds chirping.  This sets the scene immediately without even seeing the video.  Then you hear a sound reminiscent of someone brushing their teeth and a conversation being held between a few gentlemen.  The excellent sound cues continue with the growling of a bear and a mean cocking his gun in fear.   Without even watching the video, the viewer knows exactly what going on based on the audio elements.

There’s a soldier in all of us 
Call of Duty:Black Ops (a popular video game) released this promotional back in 2010.  The sound effects play a large part in the video because there is not a lot of dialogue between characters.  Instead you hear the sounds of war; automatic weapons, helicopters, bombs, with an iconic song (reminiscent of songs that chronicle war in America) in the background.

Gas powered everything 
This is an interesting video promoting Nissan Leaf.  In the video you’ll hear several sound effects of what sounds like engines firing up.  For example, you hear something that sounds like an engine and then an alarm clock going off.  In the end you hear a calming voice say, “What if everything ran on gas? Then again, what if everything didn’t.” Classic

I decided to create a pop under add using only audio to paint a vivid story through sound cues.  Check out the audio below


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